ExifRenamer 2.1.3

Rename and reorder your photos in a click

One of the most annoying things about downloading photos from a camera is that all of the filenames are given generic titles like "pic001.jpg". View full description


  • Renames batches of photos chronologically
  • Works automatically when retrieving photos
  • Easy to use


  • No integration with photo upload sites


One of the most annoying things about downloading photos from a camera is that all of the filenames are given generic titles like "pic001.jpg".

This can soon lead to confusion if you're downloading several batches of photos or photo from different camera. ExifRenamer is a tool to help you rename all of your digital photos in a few clicks using a more logical date and time format (i.e. YYYY-MM-DD / hh-mm-ss), so you can at least more easily sort and organize photos chronologically.

ExifRenamer allows you to preview photos and add a prefix or suffix to the date format for even easier identification. Importantly, it supports batch changes meaning you can upload an unlimited number of photos to be changed at once. If you use Apple's ImageCapture for retrieving your photos from a camera, it can even automatically rename downloaded pictures saving you a lot of time and hassle and now this function supports Snow Leopard too.

ExifRenamer is an excellent tool for renaming your batches of photos.


  • # Confirm window: The Prefix or Suffix text field is now selected by default if the user did chose this option.
  • Thanks to Dirk Speder for this suggestion!
  • # Fixed a problem with Snow Leopard's Image Capture.
  • Thanks to Eike Schwarz for reporting this issue!
  • # Fixed a very silly initialization problem which lead ExifRenamer to ignore the settings the user defined within the preferences under some circumstances.
  • # Adjusted the PayPal-Button to support the yet-again broken language code setting of PayPal.
  • I am sure this will break in the future, again...
  • Thanks to Ronald Lim for reporting this issue!
  • # Improved the support for .THM files. ExifRenamer no longer uses the .THM files exclusively for .CRW files.
  • Starting from now, ExifRenamer uses the .THM file always if there is one.

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ExifRenamer 2.1.3

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